I have purchased a premium license for single instance of the WordPress SAML Plugin and used it on my test site. How do I free the license key to use it on my production site?

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You will be able to use the same license key for your production site.

Please follow the steps below to free your license key:

  1. Login to your WordPress administrator console where your license is already being used.
  2. In My account tab select ‘remove account button’.
  3. In case, above option is not available then click on Plugins and select the Miniorange SAML Single Sign-On.
  4. Click on Deactivate 
  5. Once the plugin gets deactivated, your license key will be free.
  6. Then login to your WordPress administrator console on the production site.
  7. Install the plugin and click on Activate.
  8.  Enter your credentials and then when prompted, enter your license key.

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