OAuth / OpenID Connect

I purchased the premium OAuth Client plugin and merged it with free plugin, but its still asking me to upgrade. Unable to see refresh license button.

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As you have purchased the upgrade to the OAuthClient and merged free plugin with the premium, first you have to activate the premium plugin. Please refer below steps to activate the premium plugin.

  1. To get license key, go to https://login.xecurify.com/moas/
  2. Log in with your email id and password
  3. Go to Manage License tab then click on View License Keys button or simply go to https://login.xecurify.com/moas/viewlicensekeys
  4. You will see your license key there
  5. In premium version, you will see an option to enter license key after login, enter the license key
    and you will be able to access premium plugin.

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