I want to configure SSO for Drupal but the applications list in the admin interface doesn’t have Drupal as an option for an app. How can I add application for Drupal?

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In order to configure an app which is not present in the list, you can opt for the Custom App option in the app list.

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to add Drupal as a Service Provider:

  • Select ‘Custom App’ and click ‘Add App’.

  • Enter details of your Service Provider. 
  • Add a policy to your app. Choose ‘Default’ group and ‘Password’ as First Factor type.
  • Click Save.

  • Go to Apps->Manage Apps. Your app must be added to the App list now.
  • When you click on ‘Metadata’, you will find the details of the app. These details will be required to configure your app to your Drupal site.

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