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Does the WordPress SAML SSO plugin support IDP (GoogleApps) initiated SSO?

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Yes, the WordPress SAML SSO plugin inherently supports IDP initiated SSO.

Considering you have configured GoogleApps as the Identity Provider and WordPress as the Service Provider, Identity Provider initiated SSO involves the user clicking a button on the Identity Provider dashboard and then being redirected or logged in to the Service Provider.


  1. To perform the SSO through GoogleApps you need to first configure your WordPress SAML SSO plugin and GoogleApps:
  2. You can visit the given link to setup a step-by-step guide to configure SSO login between WordPress site and Google Apps [Configure SSO login between WordPress site and Google Apps]

To perform IdP initiated SSO through GoogleApps please follow the below steps:

    1. Ensure that you are logged into correct GSuite account.
    2. Navigate to the ::: in the top right corner and search for your configured SAML app.
    3. Click on the application for your WordPress site and you will be directly redirected to your WordPress site and get automatically logged in to it.

GoogleApps initiated SSO - Login into GoogleApps Dashboard

If you are still facing the issue, you can contact us at and we will help you to set up your SSO in no time.

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