SAML Single Sign On

If you are getting any error during SSO or Test Configurations, please send us the SAML Tracer logs for troubleshooting the issue by following steps.

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You can following steps to get SAML tracer logs:

1. Download SAML tracer add-on for Firefox : [ link : ]
2. After the extension has been installed login to your Admin console.
3. Go to the Service Provider Tab in miniOrange SAML settings.
4. Open the SAML tracer from the Firefox toolbar
5. Keep the SAML tracer window open
6. Click on Test Configuration, when you get the error message, go to SAML tracer Windows.
7. You will get the option to Export SAML Tracer Log in a file. Save the logs to a file and send us at We need this file to debug the issue.

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