Two-Factor Authentication

For my users I want to set login with the username and 2nd factor only, how do I do that?

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If you have paid version, follow the instructions below:
      • Search miniOrange 2-Factor plugin tab and Click on the Login Settings tab.login-settings


      • There are two options:
        • Log in with Password + 2nd Factor: You can log in with WordPress username + password, and then 2nd-factor authentication.
        • Login with 2nd Factor only: In this second option you get variations of Username + Password and Username + 2-Factor Authentication in the same window. Click on See Preview for more information on the Combined window.


      • Click on Save


    • Now, you can see two login options on WP login page.



    If you have free plugin, this feature is supported in the paid plugin. Please checkout out pricing from here:

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