How to get the latest version of the plugin?

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To update to the latest version of the WordPress SAML SSO Plugin follow the steps given below:

  • Click here to log in to your Xecurify/miniOrange dashboard.
  • Navigate to the License >> Manage Licenses in the bottom left of the dashboard as shown in the screenshot below.

  • Click on the Releases and Downloads section. Download the latest plugin from available download links.

Note: If the download link is not available, it means your license is expired. To renew the license contact us at

Note: The latest versions of other plugins are as follows:

  1. WordPress SAML SSO (Standard) Plugin: 16.0.9
  2. WordPress SAML SSO (Premium) Plugin: 12.1.3
  3. WordPress SAML SSO Multiple IDP Plugin: 25.0.9
  4. WordPress SAML SSO Multisite Plugin: 20.0.8


Login into your WordPress Admin Dashboard and go to miniOrange SAML plugin settings and open Service Provider Setup.

  • Enable the Keep Settings Intact¬†option in Service Provider Setup.

  • Deactivate and delete the old plugin. Upload the new version of the plugin which you downloaded from miniOrange dashboard.
  • Activate the Plugin and login into the plugin using miniOrange credentials and you are set.


 For more information, please contact us at

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