Two-Factor Authentication

I want to set “OTP Over Email” Or “OTP Over SMS” as a two-factor method or as a backup method, what should I do?

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We support OTP over SMS and OTP Over Email in our Paid plans.

We charge only for the users that you have and the OTP transactions you require.

For more information:


If you have a paid plan, you can follow the instructions:
    • Go to the miniOrange Two-factor PluginSetup Two-factor tab.setup-two-factor-tab


    • Click on the Configure button for the selected Two-factor method to access the configuration settings.OTP-Over-SMS


  • Configuring the authentication methods(OTP over SMS, OTP Over Email Or Security Questions) would allow you to set these methods as backups to recover your account; if you forget your phone , you can simply click on the Forgot phone? to get your account back.Forgot-phone
  • This allows these authentication methods to work as backup methods and validate users and allow them to get back into their account.back-to-login-using-backup-method

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