I am using Azure AppServices to host my application, a signed request not working for me.

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To load a certificate file in a .NET app, load the current user profile with the following command in the Cloud Shell. The following steps are needed to be followed to provide access:

  1. Add the mo_cert folder containing mo_private_key.pfx and sp-cert.crt, in, place it in the
    application root folder.
  2. Now, run the Azure PowerShell, and run the following command:
    az webapp config appsettings set –name <AppService Name> –resource-group <resourceGroupName> –settings WEBSITE_LOAD_USER_PROFILE=1

    Note: Replace the <AppService Name> and <resourceGroupName>, before running the above command, accordingly.

  3. Running the above command will allow App Service the name <AppService Name> with the resource group <resourceGroupName> to access the certificate private keys for further use.

For more information, you can refer to this Microsoft Azure documentation.

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