Why should you renew your license?

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  1. You will be getting all the bug fixes, the newly introduced features & updates without any additional cost. The updates will also be necessary to avoid security threats and authentication issues on your site.
  2. Avoid future conflicts due to plugin version gaps – It is highly possible to face data loss or configuration/SSO break issues while migrating from a very older version of a plugin to the latest version. To avoid such scenarios we recommend keeping your plugin updated with each release.
  3. Get support for new integrations with 3rd party platforms.
  4. You will get any basic customization that was included in the previous license without additional costs.
  5. The cost of Renewal will be a 25% Discount on the current license cost & you will get technical support via Email or Call/GotoMeeting (limited)  within 24 Hrs for any questions/issues you may have.

If you continue to experience problems despite all of this, please feel free to contact us at

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