How do I upgrade the free plugin to the premium version?

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  1. In the miniOrange SAML 2.0 SSO plugin, click on the Licensing Plans button (Shown as red boxes in the image below).
  2. Explore the various plans available at Licensing plan page and select the one which best suits you.
  3. Click the Upgrade Now button for the plan to which you want to upgrade. You will be redirected to the miniOrange payment portal from where you can purchase your plan.
  4. Note: If you are facing the problem to choose the plan then you can contact us at

  5. From the dropdown, choose the License Plan to which you want to upgrade.
  6. Select the Number Of Instances for which you want to use the plan.
  7. Choose the type of support you want. Also make sure that the small button to the left of support dropdown is green, which just means that you are opting in for support.
  8. Note: It is recommended to choose any support to get future upgrades of the plugin (for 12 months).

  9. Next, select the support hours if you need the miniOrange support team to setup the plugin.
  10. instances

  11. You can view the total amount you need to pay in order to purchase the plan you requested.
  12. Enter your name, address and card details and finally click on the Pay Now button to initiate the payment.
  13. payment-desc

  14. After successfully completing the payment process, you will get a transaction completed message.
  15. Steps to install and download the plugin:
    • Navigate to the Manage License tab under the License section in the left pane, download the premium plugin .
    • plugin-release

    • Now, navigate to the WordPress plugin directory i.e “\wordpress\wp-content\plugins” and search for “miniorange-saml-20-single-sign-on” folder.
    • Unzip the downloaded premium plugin and replace all the existing files in “miniorange-saml-20-single-sign-on” folder with the updated file.
  16. Steps to apply/activate the license key:
    • Log in to your WordPress site.
    • Upload the zip file of the plugin you downloaded.
    • Click on activate the plugin.
    • Click on the plugin from the left pane and log in with your miniOrange credentials.
    • Enter your license key to activate the plugin and click on Activate License button.
    • plugin-license

    • If you are still facing any issues then feel free to contact us at

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