Two Factor Authentication

I want to enable 2-factor for particular user roles in WordPress, how do I do that?

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If you have the paid version of the plugin, follow the steps listed below:
    • Click on the miniOrange 2-Factor plugin and go to the Login Settings tab.



    • Now, the checkbox of all the roles is enabled by default; so if you want to disable two factor authentication for any user role just un-check the checkbox for that particular role.
      Example: I have selected the checkbox for a particular user role namely Administrator, Author, Contributor, Subscriber.



    • Click on Save Settings.



  • After this, whenever a user of the selected role logs in to the WordPress site, that user will be asked for two-factor. And other users will log in normally.


We are providing 2-factor authentication for 3 admin users in the free version if you want to add it for more user roles, please upgrade to the paid version.

You can check our pricing from here:

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