Two-Factor Authentication

In a mobile browser, I want users to log into my website with Security Questions as Two Factor method irrespective of their authentication method?

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Note: Your user will have to configure Security Questions for this feature.

    • Search miniOrange 2-Factor plugin and click on the Login Settings tab.login-settings-tab


    • Search Mobile Support feature in the Login Settings tab and Enable checkbox to Enable Mobile Support for


  • Click on the Save Settings.
  • Open your site in the mobile browser then enter Username and Password and click on Log In.accessing-wp-site-from-phone
  • Then 2-factor Login pop up comes with Security questions as the Two Factor method so by answering these questions user will validate their account.validing-user-via-security-question


  • Every site has mobile support but When you are working with our mobile support feature what is different?
    Let’s see the difference with the help of Example:If the User sets Push Notification as the 2-Factor Authentication method and Enables mobile support feature. Then even if the user has set Push notification as 2-factor he will be prompted for Security Questions.
    Desktop Two Factor Login pop up window :desktop-view
    Mobile 2-Factor Login pop up window:validing-user-via-security-question

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