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What do you mean by the AddOns in the miniOrange OTP plugin? What features do they provide?

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We have a number of features concealed in our AddOns. Each AddOn has a set of features that extend the functionality of the plugin beyond just OTP Verification on the forms.
Currently, we have four different types of AddOns.

1. WooCommerce Password Reset Over OTP: Allows your user to Reset Password using OTP

2. OTP Verification for Selected Countries Only:

3. OTP Over Call:

4. Geolocation/IP Base Country Code Dropdown:

5. Limit OTP Request:

6. WordPress Password Reset Over OTP:


7. Country Code Dropdown:

8. Register Using Only Pone Number:

9. Login Using Only Phone Number:



10. WordPress SMS Notification to Admin & User on Registration:

11. OTP on Selected Product Category:

12. Verification Via Email Link Instead of One time Passcode:

13. OTP Verification for Android/IOS Application:


If you have any further queries, please contact us using the support form in the plugin or email us at   support@xecurify.com.

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