Fix “An error occurred.” issue in User Groups tab

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This issue generally comes up if the internal JIRA/Confluence default groups are not set. Our plugin tries to read default groups and set it accordingly in the plugin. If the default group does not found then it throws an error.

We have handled this behavior in our JIRA OAuth/OpenID v1.1.21 and Confluence OAuth/OpenID v1.1.6, this will work even if you haven’t specified the default groups in JIRA/Confluence.

You can follow the below steps to check your internal JIRA default Groups:

  1. Choose  > Applications.
  2. Select Application access in the left-hand menu. The Application access page displays all your applications and their associated groups, including their default groups.
  3. Check the box in the Default groups column for the group you want to assign as a default group. Note you must have at least one default group at any time. If you want to change the default group, you must first assign a second default group before you can un-check the box for the current group.


Here are the steps to solve this problem:

  1. Before plugin upgrade.
    • Go to the Download App Configuration tab in the plugin.
    • Under Export app Configurations, find a link to download the plugin configuration file.
  2. Upgrade your plugin to the version JIRA v1.1.21 and Confluence v1.1.6 or above.
  3. After plugin upgrade.
    • Go to the Download App Configuration tab in the plugin.
    • Insert the plugin configuration file using Import app Configurations.
    • Browse to User Groups tab to verify if you could save group settings.
    • If you still get an “An error occurred” message, then please open your plugin configuration file.
    • Check the Group Mapping section, modify below settings provided below and save your file.
    • "DEFAULT_GROUPS": [],
      "GROUP_REGEX_PATTERN": "jira/confluence", (you can change it as per required)
      "ROLE_MAPPING": {}
    • Insert the updated plugin configuration file again and go to the User Groups tab to check if the issue resolved.

This will help you to fix an error shown in the User Groups tab, and you can save your group configurations successfully.

Reach out to us at support-atlassian@miniorange.atlassian.net if you still face the same issue or have any queries regarding this.

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