I am getting a ‘Not App Assigned’ error during Test configuration for Okta

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For a user to perform Single Sign-On into your SSO application in Okta, you first need to assign that application to the user. When a user is not assigned the application and the user attempts to perform SSO in the application, then the user will get the ‘Not App Assigned’ error.

To solve this issue, you need to assign the user to the SSO application, once the successful app creation done in the Okta. This can be done in one of the 2 ways. Here are the steps:

1. From the application page

  • Go to Applications
  • Click on application’s name
  • Select the Assignments tab
  • Click Assign and then select either Assign to People or Assign to Groups
  • If you want to assign the application to multiple users at the same time then select Assign to Groups [If an app is assigned to a group then, the app will be assigned to all the people in that group]
  • Enter the appropriate people and groups that you want to Single Sign-On into your application, and then click Assign for each
  • For anyone that you add, verify the user-specific attributes, and then select Save and Go Back

2. From the user page

  • Go to Directory > People
  • Click an end user’s name
  • Select the Applications tab
  • Click Assign Applications
  • You can select applications from the list of available applications or use the Search box to search for applications by name. Once you have located the application you want to assign, click Assign App
  • Enter sign-in information such as the username. Note that this is not the user’s Okta sign-in username, but the username the person uses to sign in to the application individually
  • Enter the application data options as needed. The required data depends on the application and may include information such as parameters that define the user to the application, profiles, or roles. You may also have to provide credential security options
  • Click Save and Go Back

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