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SMS Gateway URL Examples

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You can use below examples of some gateways listed :

  1. TextLocal :
  2. https://api.textlocal.in/send/?apikey=yourAPIKey&numbers=##phone##&sender=YourSenderID&message=##message##

    Replace the following parameters  :
    yourAPIKey  = This is your API key, click here to create or use your existing API key.

    YourSenderID  =  If you have a promotional account, do not send this parameter. If you have a transactional account, use this field to specify the sender name for your message. Sender name must be 6 alpha characters and should be pre-approved by Textlocal. In the absence of approved sender names, use the default ‘TXTLCL’.

    Note: Suggested to use Transactional account for OTP sending. Promotional can be blocked for some users on DND.

  3. MSG91:
  4. http://api.msg91.com/api/sendhttp.php?country=91&sender=SENDERID&route=4&mobiles=##phone##&authkey=YourAuthKey&message=##message##&DLT_TE_ID=TEMPLATE_ID

    >Replace the following parameters
    TESTING : your sender ID, This is the name by which your users will receive message from, check here for valid sender ID you can use in your account. Sender name must be 6 alpha characters . e.g KALLES
    YourAuthKey    : Your Auth Key click here to access.

    Keep the remaining things same as above. make sure there is no space in this. 
    Note: : You should have Transactional SMS credits for OTP sending (Not OTP Credit or Promotional Credits). If you have purchased any OTP credits, you can ask their support to convert them to Transactional credits. Promotional sms can be blocked for some users on DND.

  5. Karix Solution :
  6. https://japi.instaalerts.zone/httpapi/QueryStringReceiver?ver=1.0&key=yourKey&encrpt=0&dest=##phone##&send=Alerts&text=##message## 

    Replace the following parameters,

    yourKey = Your API key.


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