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I purchased the paid Drupal module and replaced it with the free module, but still I am not able to use paid features.

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As you have upgraded to one of our paid versions of the Drupal module and replaced the free module with the paid one, you must first activate the paid module. Please refer to the below steps.

  • Go to https://portal.miniorange.com/login and log in with your miniOrange account with which you have purchased the module.
  • Go to Downloads -> Releases and Downloads tab and download the paid version of the module.
  • Now, go to your Drupal site. Uninstall the free version of the module, delete the folder from your root directory and then install the paid version.
  • Run the update script using this URL – {base-url-of-your-site}/update.php (eg. https://www.abc.com/update.php).
  • Go to the Register / Login tab of the Drupal module and log in with your miniOrange account which you have purchased the license.
    Enter your license key (You can find the license key under miniOrange Console -> License -> View License key section).

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