I have purchased a premium license for single instance of the Joomla SAML Plugin and used it on my test site. How do I free the license key to use it on my production site?

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You will be able to use the same license key for your production site.

Please follow the steps below to free your license key:

  1. Login to your Joomla administrator console where your license is already being used
  2. Go to Components -> Miniorange SAML Single Sign-On.
  3. In ‘My Account’ tab click on ‘Remove License Key’ button.
  4. Install the plugin on production site
  5. In admin console, go to Extensions ->  Manage ->Manage and Search for ‘miniorange’ then enable all extensions
  6. In admin console, go to Components -> Miniorange SAML Single Sign On.
  7. In MyAccount tab, log into your account. When it gets prompted, enter your licensing key.


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