How do I make specific products or collections visible only to VIP users?

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You can create a lock on a Specific Product or Collection using our Content restriction application. Only users with a VIP Customer tag have access to those products, and other users cannot see them or will be redirected to the access denied page. Follow the steps below to enable this feature on your Shopify Store:

  • Navigate to Apps >> LockOn – Restrict Store Content application.

restrict store content based on location go to app

  • Click on the Create Lock button.

restrict store content based on location create lock

  • Enter the name you’d like to give your lock in the Lock Name input box.

Enter the name you'd like to give your lock in the Lock Name input box

  • Choose the Shopify Store Content that you want to lock. Select either Product or Collection from the Selected Content option. Look for the product or collection that you want to lock.


  • Navigate to the Key section and click on the Select Customer Criteria option.

restrict store content based on location select customer criteria

  • Select the Lock Criteria as Customer Tag and enter the Tag that you want to allow or restrict access to the selected content.


  • Click on the Save Key button.
  • Navigate to the How to Lock option and select where you want to redirect the restricted users.

lock shopify store how to lock

  • Click on Save.

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