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How do I gain access to my website if I get locked out?

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If you are locked out please, try below one of the below solutions:
  • Reconfigure Authentication Method: You can reconfigure your authentication method from the miniOrange dashboard. Login to with your miniOrange credentials and follow the below steps:
    1. In the left navigation bar, navigate to 2-Factor Authentication —> Configure 2FA.
    2. Here you can reconfigure/configure your preferred authentication method.
    3. After this, you should be able to log into your WordPress site.
  • If you have a soft token based 2FA method like Google Authenticator / miniOrange Authenticator, etc. then click here for instructions on syncing the app with the server.
  • If you had setup KBA questions earlier, you can use them as an alternate method to login to your website. ( if the backup method is available in your plugin version )
  • In the WordPress database, in the wp_options table, search for mo2f_activate_plugin key and update its value to 0. 2FA will get disabled and you will be able to login to your site with your WP username + password. After entering the site, you can reconfigure your 2FA method.
  • If you have FTP access, please follow the below steps:
    1. Open your WordPress installation folder. Go to wp-content –> plugins folder.
    2. You will see miniorange-2-factor-authentication folder.
    3. Rename the folder(Do not change anything else). It will deactivate the plugin.
    4. Now login to your site.
    5. You can activate again from Plugins –> Installed plugins.

You can also check our video Tutorial:

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