How to upgrade On-Premise IdP to the latest version?

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Following the steps below to upgrade On-Premise IdP to the latest version:

  1. For Window Installer:
    • Download the latest version of the Windows Installer from the downloadable section.
    • Run the installer, it will automatically detect and install the latest version.
  2. For Window Zip Distribution:
    • Stop the IDP Server.
    • Navigate to your current Tomcat Installation Directory and take backup of your current moas directory present in <tomcat-root>.
    • Take a backup of your database. In case you are using the internal integrated database, then you can take a backup of the data folder present in the <tomcat-root>. In the case of an external database, you can take a snapshot of the DB.
    • Now replace the moas folder in the Tomcat Root Directory with the moas folder present in the downloaded package.
    • Now copy over the following files from backup moas to the newly deployed moas.
      • \moas\WEB-INF\classes\
      • \moas\WEB-INF\classes\license.
      • \moas\images\logo.png
      • \moas\images\favicon.ico
    • Start the Tomcat Server.
  3. For Linux:
    • Prerequisites:
      • Login into your admin account.
      • Take a backup of the miniorange db in your db instance.
      • Take a backup of the following files in the server.
        • mo-idp-server-*.*/moas/WEB-INF/classes/
        • mo-idp-server-*.*/moas/WEB-INF/classes/license
      • Go to mo-idp-server-*.*/bin and Shut down the running tomcat instance. (you can use sh
    • Steps to upgrade:
      • Download the latest version to your linux server and unzip it.
      • You will find moas folder inside the uncompressed folder. Replace the mo-idp-server-*.*/moas with the new moas folder
      • Replace the backups of and license file on the same path as mentioned above.
      • Go to mo-idp-server-*.*/bin and Shut down the running tomcat instance. (you can use sh
      • Restart the tomcat instance using sh
      • Open a browser and go to < Your-Server-Base-URL >/initialize

To know more about the installation process, click here

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