Is there a way to restrict access to my Shopify store only to a select group of individuals from my Identity Provider (IDP) whose accounts I have personally created or added?

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Assume you have your users stored in any IDP (Identity Provider) and you want to allow only certain people in your IDP whose accounts you have created or will create in your Shopify Store to log in and access your Shopify store.

You can achieve this using our application. Follow the steps given below to configure it:

  • Go to your Shopify store and navigate to Apps Section and click on Single Sign On – SSO login application.

  • Click on the Setup IDP button in the left navigation bar.

  • Navigate to the Additional Settings section in the application dashboard. Enable the Restrict User Sign Up option and enter the URL in the Redirect User to URL field to redirect the restricted user.

  • Click on Save.

Now anybody whose account exists in your IDP connected with our app and in the Shopify store can log in to the Shopify store.


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