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The extension is installed and all the configurations are correct still I am not able to share the screen or log in with google to third-party applications.

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This scenario happens when some other extensions on your browser or your browser version become un-compatible with the miniOrange Reverse Proxy extension. To fix this issue re-install the extension.
Follow these steps to re-install the extension:

  • Click on the extension button in the top right corner, as shown below in the image.
  • miniorange reverse proxy click on extension

  • It will open a pop-up over there. Click on Manage Extensions as shown below.
  • miniorange reverse proxy manage extensions

  • Find the miniOrange Reverse Proxy Extension and click on Remove.
  • miniorange reverse proxy remove miniOrange extension

  • To install the extension, go to this [Link]. It will navigate you to chrome web store and install the extension from here.
  • Now you are ready to use the extension.

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