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I’m getting “AADSTS50105: we’re having trouble signing you in.” while performing SSO in Azure AD. What should I do?

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You are getting this error because you have not assigned the users to your Enterprise Application. Only the assigned users and groups are allowed to perform the SSO login.

You can follow the steps below to assign the users or groups to the Enterprise Application:

  1. Go to your configured SAML Enterprise Application in your Azure AD.
  2. Navigate to the Users and Groups tab and click on the Add user/group.WordPress Azure AD Login using Single Sign-On | assign groups and users
  3. Click on the Users to assign the required user and then click on the Select button.WordPress Azure AD Login using Single Sign-On | add users
  4. After selecting the required users, click on the click on the Assign button.WordPress Azure AD Single Sign-On | assign users
  5. After this, proceed to perform the SSO login.

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