What happens if a merchant does not upgrade their plan after receiving Shopify SSO usage exceeded notification?

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What happens when Shopify SSO usage reaches 80%, 90%, and 100% of the plan’s allocated users?

  • When SSO usage hits 80%, an email notification will be sent to the merchant, advising them to consider upgrading their plan to accommodate increased usage.
  • When SSO usage reaches 90%, another email notification will be sent, reiterating the importance of upgrading to prevent service disruptions and overages.
  • When the consumption hits 100%, an email will be sent strongly suggesting an immediate plan upgrade to avoid further costs, and a 7-day grace period will be granted for upgrading the plan.

What if a merchant doesn’t upgrade their plan after receiving notifications?

Suppose a merchant does not upgrade their plan even after receiving notifications and a grace period expiry, in that case, they may be subject to extra charges for exceeding their plan’s limits, and there is a risk of SSO service disruptions for their users.

How can I upgrade my plan to accommodate increased SSO usage?

  • Go to your Shopify Store’s Apps area and select the miniOrange Single Sign On-SSO application.

  • Navigate to theĀ Upgrade section in the miniOrange Single Sign On-SSO application, and click on the UpgradeĀ button next to the Plan name you want to upgrade to.

  • You will be able to access the upgraded plan features once you have paid the recurring charges.

(Note: If your Shopify store has more than 4000 unique users each month, please contact us at for pricing.)

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