Does the 2FA plugin work for JSM Customers?

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Yes. The 2FA plugin works both for Jira Software and for Jira service Management/JSM (formerly known as Jira ServiceDesk/JSD).

Using the 2FA plugin you can enable 2FA for your users, JSM Agents and JSM Customers as well. The plugin license is calculated based on the number of Agents but it will work for any number of Customers.

If you enable 2FA for Jira service Management, 2FA will be enabled for everyone accessing the JSM i.e. Agents and Customers.

If you want to enable 2FA only for your Customers, follow the steps given below.
You can also refer to this document if you want to to read about the usecases in detail.

  1. If you have a group in which only Customers are there.
    • Enable 2FA for that group. (From 2FA for groups tab)
  2. If you have a group in which only Service Desk Agents are there.
    • Enable 2FA for all users. (From 2FA for Users tab)
    • Disable 2FA for a group of which all the service desk agents are part of. (From 2FA for groups tab)
  3. If your Service Desk Agents login via VPN. Then you can use IP whitelisting feature.
    • Enable 2FA for all users. (From 2FA for groups tab)
    • Whitelist your company IPs to skip 2FA for Agents.(Plugin screenshot.)

If none of the above options match your environment setup then please reach out to us here and we will help you in the setup.

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