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Does the WordPress SAML SSO plugin support IDP (Azure AD) initiated SSO?

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Yes, the WordPress SAML SSO plugin inherently supports IDP initiated SSO.
IDP initiated SSO means that the SSO login flow is initiated by the user from the Identity Provider’s side i.e. this flow would typically be initiated by an application within the IdP that shows a list of all available applications (Service Providers) that an end user has access to.

To perform IDP initiated SSO through Azure AD you can follow below steps:

    1. Navigate to
    2. If you are not already logged in then first Login to azure with your end user credentials.
    3. You will be presented with the list of applications that you have access to.

IDP initiated SSO

    1. Click on the application for your WordPress site which you want to access.
    2. You will be directly redirected to your WordPress site and get automatically logged in to it.

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