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How to enter a license key in WordPress SAML SSO premium plugin ?

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Step 1:  Downloading the plugin from the miniOrange Dashboard.
1.1. Click here to login into miniOrange/Xecurify dashboard.
1.2. Go to license>>Manage License>>Plugin Release and Downloads.
1.3. Download the zip of the premium plugin.

Step 2: Activating the License key.
2.1. In the existing plugin enable the options keep configuration intact. You will find it just below the contact us form.


2.2. If you have enabled the option Keep Configuration Intact then deactivate and delete the existing plugin from the WordPress admin dashboard and upload a zip of the premium plugin you downloaded. In case if you don’t find option keep configuration intact, just delete the existing plugin folder and extract the zip of premium plugin in the WordPress Installation folder >> WP-Content >> Plugins.

2.3 From WordPress navigation bar go to Plugins >> Installed Plugins and click on the “Activate” button as mentioned in the image below.

2.4 From the WordPress navigation bar click on miniOrange SAML 2.0 SSO.

2.5 Now you will be shown a screen where you will need to enter the email and password of your miniOrange account and click Login. Make sure you login with the same email you used for purchasing the plugin.

2.6Now click on the “Click here to view your license key” which will redirect you to the miniOrange dashboard where you can log in and get the license key. After getting the license key, go back to the plugin and enter the license key in “Enter your license key to activate the plugin” field as shown in the image below.

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