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Which Power BI License is required for embedding the Power BI reports and dashboard into WordPress?

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Embed for Customers:

1. License Requirements:

  • Power BI Embedded offers SKUs such as A1, A2, A3, etc., and Power BI Premium Capacity, which are capacity-based licenses designed specifically for embedding Power BI reports into applications or websites using this flow.

2. Embedding Flow:

  • With an appropriate license, customers can create reports and dashboards within the Power BI service.
  • Once the report/dashboard is created, they can generate an embed code from Power BI Service.
  • This embed code can then be integrated into their application or website, allowing customers to view the reports directly within the website without requiring a separate login to Power BI.

3. SSO Requirement:

  • For customer-facing embedded reports, the need for SSO depends on the authentication requirements of the application or website where the reports are embedded, and no login is required for Power BI.

Embed for Organizations:

1. License Requirements:

  • For organizations embedding Power BI reports internally for their employees or members, they typically need Premium Per User (PPU) licenses.

2. Embedding Flow:

  • Organizations with required licenses can create reports and dashboards within the Power BI Service.
  • This allows authorized users to access the embedded reports by logging in with Azure credentials.

3. SSO Requirement:

  • In organizational flows, the need for SSO is compulsory by Power BI.
  • SSO enables users to access embedded reports using their existing Power BI credentials.

Embedding by Free License :

Embedding with a Free License entails access to a restricted quantity of embedded tokens, each usable for a limited duration.

Additionally, users will consistently encounter a banner displaying the message, "You are currently using the free trial version," ensuring awareness of their licensing status throughout their interaction.

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