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How to configure SAML Single Logout in Azure AD B2C ? How does the SAML Single Logout URL work with SAML Single Sign On – SAML SSO Login Plugin?

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What is Single Logout?

Single Logout (SLO) is a feature in federated authentication where end users can sign out of both their Service Provider session and a configured application with a single action i.e at the Identity Provider end.


How does the SAML Single Logout URL work with SAML Single Sign-On – SAML SSO Login  Plugin?

  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) supports the SAML 2.0 web browser Single Sign-out profile. For single sign-out to work correctly, the Logout URL for the application must be explicitly registered with Azure AD during application registration.
  • Azure B2C supports only  HTTP-GET requests.
  • To access SLO users would first require the SLO URL which is provided in the Service Provider Metadata tab of the Plugin. (Premium Feature)

  • Copy the SLO URL from the SAML Single Sign-On – SAML SSO Login Plugin.
  • Navigate to Azure AD B2C  portal, navigate to the App ( connected to the WordPress ).
  • Configure the app using our Guide to set up SSO.
  • In the left panel and select the Manifest tab.

  • Place the Single Logout URL in the manifest code by replacing the NULL value.

  • You have successfully configured Single Logout functionality with Azure B2C.

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