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How to configure Single Logout (SLO) in Azure AD with WP SAML SSO Plugin?

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1.Configure logout URL in the Azure app

  • In the plugin, go to the Service Provider metadata tab.
  • Scroll down to bottom and copy the Single Logout URL and keep it handy.
  • Single Logout URL

  • Navigate back to the Azure portal.
  • In the Enterprise application under the Overview section click on Set up single sign-On.
  • Single Logout URL

  • Inside your configured application, under the heading Basic SAML Configuration click on Edit option.
  • SLO-edit

  • Paste the Single Logout URL copied from the plugin in the Logout URL Input box.
  • SLO-AzureAD

  • Click on Save

2.Configure logout url in the WordPress App

  • In the Azure portal navigate to the Enterprise Applications tab . Under the Overview section, click on Set up single sign-on.
  • Single Logout URL

  • Inside your configured application, scroll right all the way to the fourth section and copy the Logout URL.
  • Now navigate back to the Service Provider setup tab in the plugin and paste the Logout URL inside the SAML Logout URL input box.
  • SLO AzureAD

  • Click on Save.
  • Your Single Logout is now successfully configured and you can use the default WordPress logout function for SLO.
  • Now if you log out from the Service Provider you will automatically get logged out of your IDP as well.

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