How to provision multiple Azure AD domain users to Atlassian applications?

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Multiple Azure AD Domain Users can be provisioned to the Atlassian application via SCIM.

Step 1: Setup User and Group provisioning for the first domain

      Step a: Setup SCIM for provisioning

Please follow the guides mentioned here to set up the SCIM for your domain.

Step 2: Setup another App for 2’nd Domain

To configure the second app, you don’t need to add any configurations in the plugin. Multiple app provisioning is possible through SCIM provisioning in the plugin. miniOrange User Sync/SCIM app provides SCIM Base URL and Bearer Token which is required to validate Authorization of API Call. These details are required to be added in the application at your Provider end. Whenever any CRUD operation is performed on the user, the Provider will send the appropriate response to the app and will validate the response. The further actions will be entirely based on the configurations set up by the administrator in the miniOrange UserSync/SCIM app.

Steps to follow:

  • Create the SCIM App in your another domain with the same base URL and bearer token which you used for the first application.
  • Enable provisioning for the second application that you have created.

Now you will be able to sync users and groups from multiple domains /tenants using a single set of SCIM credentials.

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