How can I update the default X.509 certificate of the miniOrange plugin?

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We have also introduced the ability to generate & configure a new X.509 certificate in the app.

To generate follow below steps:

  1. Click the Generate new certificate button.
  2. Give all organization details to sign a Certificate.
  3. Now download the newly generated certificate and update it in the IDP.

Configure your own certificate:

  1. Enter the RSA X.509 Public Certificate (.cer, .crt) format in the Public X.509 Certificate text field.
  2. Enter the unencrypted RSA X.509 Private Certificate (.key, .pem) format in the Private X.509 Certificate text field.
  3. Now, click on the Save button to update the certificate.

After Certificate Update:

  1. Download the public certificate from the Service Provider info tab of the plugin and update it on your IDP.

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