How to update SAML Certificate of miniOrange Plugin?

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Migration of Service Provider X.509 Certificate

The X.509 certificate is saved with the Identity Provider. So, the certificate needs to be migrated in the SSO app as well as the Identity Provider at the same time.

  • Schedule downtime.
  • Verify functioning SSO.
  • Go to Backup/Restore Configurations tab and download the App configuration file for backup.

  • Go to the Certificates tab and click on Generate New Certificates. Enter relevant details and generate new certificates.

  • Go to Service Provider Info and from the table, against Certificate click on the Download button.

  • Configure this certificate in the Identity Provider.
  • Confirm correct certificate migration using Test Configuration (Configure IDP tab, next to Save). You should see a success message. If you get a certificate mismatch error, follow steps 4 to 6 again.

  • Open a new browser to test SSO.

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