During SSO user gets an error message “You Don’t have access to this page. Please contact your administrator with this message.” How can this be resolved?

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This issue could arise if the Jira Application license is expired or not valid. Please find the below steps to resolve the issue.
         Prerequisite –  Obtain the license key you want to update. (you can do this by visiting
  1. Go to settings > Applications.
  2. Select Versions & licenses to view license details for your installed JIRA applications.
  3. Locate the license you want to update, and click on the edit icon to update the license.
  4. Replace the existing license key with your new license key.
  5. Click the ‘Update License’ button to update the JIRA application with the new license.
After Successfully updating the Jira License, all the users of Jira will be able to perform SSO Successfully.

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