Two Factor Authentication

How to enable 2FA only for Jira Software Users(Internal Users)?

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The 2FA app provides ways to enable 2FA for a particular set of users and a group of users.

Consider if you want to allow 2FA only for users belonging to the jira-software-users group, then you can do this using the steps below:

  1. Navigate to User Management tab
  2. Select 2FA for Groups section
  3. Search for the “jira-software-users” group
  4. Click on Enable 2FA link against jira-software-users group.

Now, 2FA is enabled for all users who belong to jira-software-users group.

Note:- Once you have enabled 2FA for jira-software users group, the app will turn on 2FA for existing users belonging to this group as well as newly created users who get added to this group.

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