Two Factor Authentication

My phone is lost or not accessible, What should I do now?

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There are two ways of logging into your account if you cannot use your current 2FA method:

  1. Backup method
  2. Admin can reset the 2FA

A. Backup method

  1. At the time of 2FA validation, click on ‘Forgot your phone’ link. Here you will be asked to answer the security question.
  1. Answer the security questions and click on the ‘Validate’ button to get access to your Atlassian application.

B. Admin can reset the 2FA

  1. Navigate to the User Management tab in the 2FA app settings.
  2. Click on the ‘2FA for User’ tab. Type the name of the user in the search bar and hit ‘Enter’.
  3. You can see the details of the user. Click the ‘Reset 2FA’ link under action. This resets 2FA for that user.

After the reset is performed, the user can configure 2FA again using inline registration.

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